Voda Cleaning & Restoration Franchise Chooses Madison, WI For Its New Corporate HQ

Today, Voda Cleaning & Restoration is thrilled to announce that it has selected Madison, WI, as the location for its new corporate franchise headquarters. This strategic decision marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey as they continue to grow and expand their operations nationwide. Madison, known for its picturesque landscapes, thriving arts scene, and innovative spirit, is the perfect match for Voda Cleaning & Restoration. With its unique blend of natural beauty, a well-educated workforce, and a business-friendly environment, Madison offers endless opportunities for the emerging franchise to flourish and continue delivering exceptional services to its valued customers and franchise partners. While Madison will serve as their main headquarters, many members of their dedicated staff will remain located across the country, ensuring they continue to tap into the wide talent pool nationwide to support their franchise partners from coast-to-coast.

“We look forward to establishing Madison as the Home of Voda Cleaning & Restoration. This vibrant city not only offers a strategic location and a supportive business environment but also aligns with our values of innovation, collaboration, and community engagement,” said Voda CEO Dan Claps. “With Madison as our home base, we look forward to bringing all our franchise partners from all over the country to our new facilities for training and other events starting later this year. This is an exciting new chapter in our franchise’s journey.”

Madison’s central location within the United States allows for convenient access to their franchise locations throughout the country. Situated at the heart of the Midwest, it serves as an excellent hub for Voda’s operations and will enable them to efficiently manage and support their staff and franchisees located in various states. Furthermore, the city’s excellent transportation infrastructure, including its international airport, makes it easily accessible for their team members and franchise partners alike.

“We considered several cities around the country and we believe Madison has all the ingredients to help propel our franchise success. Madison’s central location within the United States allows for enhanced accessibility and support for our franchise network spread across the country,” said Voda COO Zach Nolte. “We are confident that our new headquarters in Madison will further strengthen our franchise system and enable us to better serve our valued franchise partners as we continue to expand our presence nationwide.”

Voda is currently building out their new spaces which will include state-of-the-art training facilities and warehouse space where franchise partners will get hands-on training on Voda services. Their new Voda HQ facility is scheduled to open in the coming months and the team looks forward to welcoming its franchise partners for various in-person trainings and potential franchise candidates for its monthly Discovery Days.

If you’re interested in learning more about Voda ownership or applying to become a franchise partner, visit myvodafranchise.com or contact their Franchise Development Director Steve Miller at steve@franchiseplaybook.com and 608-292-6368.


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